This app is about change.

Are you currently working at an agency? Do you sometimes get the feeling that there must be a better way to run things? Tired of following the same processes, living the same problems and churning out the same work?

Are you a student feeling like the theories you’re reading about could be lacking relevance in todays fast paced world? Do you want to know what are the views and perspectives of those who are really driving disruption and change?

Or perhaps you’re at an MNC and are getting frustrated with red tape and processes and feel your oganisation is moving too slow and lack the skills needed to win in the digital age.

Modeled on the Butterfly Effect in Chaos Theory - the concept behind this app follows the notion that one small change (the flutter of wings, for example) can create huge change elsewhere (like a hurricane on the other side of the planet). We want you to have that kind of impact on your world as a Change Agent. To that end, we’ve organised four areas to explore: Self, Team, Organisation, Society.

The ideas and tools in this app have been carefully curated to help you think about how to best-impact change around you. We’re purposefully using the new Glide format to make this more visually interesting and hopefully enjoyable to use, while giving actionable information.

The ChangeAgent app can help inspire change in you and in your agency through introducing new tools, processes and ideas to make you more productive. Drive the change in your agency; download the ChangeAgent app today!

We hope this propels you to become the Change Agent that you want to be.



Who We Are

We want to change ourselves.
Care to come along for the ride?

We’re a group of professionals from diverse cultural and work backgrounds who, during our time at Hyper Island Singapore, decided to codify what we’ve learned about change and innovation. We believe in, respect and seek creative ways to implement it. It’s a lofty goal to develop an app for Change Agents and we’re mindful of constantly improving it.
We aspire to give depth and breadth to ideas that will hopefully resonate, enable and accelerate your digital transformation process.

So, we invite you to have a look and join our conversation around change and how best to effect it within ourselves, our teams, organizations and society.
We offer tools, theories and solutions through carefully curated content from thought leaders as well as our own ideas and opinions. Take what is useful and interesting and leave the rest behind.

Go and explore. Be the change you want to see in your team, company and community.


We’re good with any conversation around change and ideas on how innovation can make us better. Reach out if you have something to say.


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Phone: +65 94506133
E-mail: changeagents@hyperisland.sg
Website: http://change-agent.me/